The Best Back-to-School Laundry Tips

The Best Back-to-School Laundry Tips

September 1, 2022     Posted in General

The Best Back-to-School Laundry Tips

For many, back-to-school season means getting back to our routines… And that also means keeping up with the extra laundry. Having more sports uniforms, school spirit shirts, everyday outfits and after school clothing can lead to extra stress. But, it doesn’t have to! Thankfully, there are many hacks that will save you time and pressure. So, before the dirty clothes begin piling up, learn how you can accomplish your laundry in a breeze. 

Check the Pockets

Nothing’s worse than finding a rouge crayon or tiny bottle of lipstick after a load of laundry. When this happens, your load of laundry, washing machine, dryer and day could be ruined. Before starting every load, make sure that every pocket is empty. This quick task will save you time and money in the long run.

Protect Against Stains

Stains are inevitable, especially when you have young ones. That’s why it’s important to always have a stain kit on hand. Fill it with treatment pens, scrubbers and sprays. Whenever you come across an ink stain or pencil mark, do a Google search to find the best remedy before you run the garments through the washer and dryer.

Keep Them Separated 

Before the school year starts, get each family member their own laundry basket. Having some sort of organizational system will reduce the chaos. Plus, you can ensure each family member is responsible for putting away their clean clothes in their designated basket. 

Immediately Fold and Sort

Laundry is way more fun if you get in the habit of folding your garments immediately after they're done in the dryer. When your clothes are warm, the fabric is more pliable, making it simple to fold. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about ironing out wrinkles down the road. 

Teach Your Kids 

If your kids are old enough to help out around the house, then they’re also capable of using the washing machine. Once you show them the settings, process and rules, you’ll save a ton of work having extra help from the family. Plus, they may even thank you one day for teaching them valuable life skills. 

Discover State-of-the-Art Washers and Dryers 

Most importantly, owning a high-quality washer and dryer will make or break your day-to-day routines. If your current machines are on their last leg, it’s likely time for an upgrade. Today's washing machines and dryers provide incredible rinse cycles, steam dryer settings and even smartphone connections that will make your life easier. When you’re ready to discover your dream washers and dryers, come to Rosner’s. Since 1911, we’ve specialized in providing the best appliances for your house. Stop by our showroom today at 1480 S. Military Trail in South Beach Florida. We can’t wait for you to discover your dream washing and drying machines!